Daily Archives: November 13, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown Still Confused on Climate Change

Climates change. That’s for sure. But in California the term “climate change” is a political mantra of state government seeking control. Californians hear politicians (e.g. here and here) say alarming statements over and over and must go along to get along. As a result many are confused and few even stop for a minute to reflect and consider what climate changes really mean or whether any of the exaggerated claims of politicians are true. By the way, a permanent drought as parts of California are experiencing is indeed normal.  There’s not much rain here and much of the time not much snow pack so get used to it. (Yes, I live in California.)

“The global warming alarmist community firmly believes it has science on its side. The science is settled, its members repeat incessantly to show how “sciency” they are, despite the fact that they are wrong. And 97% of scientists believe man’s carbon dioxide emissions are causing climate change, they say with great conviction, even though it’s simply not true.” click here