Daily Archives: November 14, 2016

Corrected Global Temperature Graphs Do Not Show a “Hockey Stick” Increase in Global Temperatures

Click here for a compilation of 50 temperature graphs from peer-reviewed scientific papers.  

“Some graphs indicate that (a) post-1940s temperatures actually declined in many regions of the world rather than rose rapidly — the opposite of what climate models had predicted.   All the graphs show that (b) modern (post-1940s) temperatures aren’t any warmer than the decades and centuries and millennia prior to the steep increase in anthropogenic CO2 emissions, and in some locations even the Little Ice Age temperatures (1400s to 1800s AD) were warmer than modern.  Finally, these 50 graphs clearly show that (c) the conceptualization of global-scale warming, or a globally synchronous rise in temperatures for the vast majority of the Earth’s land and oceanic locations in modern times . . . is not scientifically supportable.”