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Fluoride Toxicity and Cognitive Impairment; China

Spittle B. Development of Fluoride Toxicity Including Cognitive Impairment with Reduced IQ: Pathophysiology, Interactions With Other Elements, and Predisposing and Protective Factors. Fluoride. Jul-Sep2016, Vol. 49 Issue 3, Part 1, p189-193.

The development of toxicity to the fluoride ion (F) may be complex and multifactorial with a number of pathophysiological path ways being possible, with the potential for interactions between toxins involving additivity, synergism, and antagonism, and with a number of other factors having predisposing and protective effects. In addition to cognitive impairment with a reduced intelligence quotient (IQ) in children developing through other mechanisms such as disturbed thyroid hormone metabolism and sonic hedgehog signalling, other pathophysiological factors such as reduced brain glucose uptake following a fluoride-induced reduction in insulin secretion may contribute. Environmental contamination with cadmium in a coal combustion fluorosis-affected rural area within China’s Three Gorges region may contribute to the dental and skeletal health problems in the population and the possibility of interactions between Cd and F affecting cognitive functioning requires further investigation. The propensity for the development of toxicity to F may involve interactions with a number of other factors as well as the levels of F exposure.