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The Ministry of Climate Truth – Erasing the Satellite Data

Is Everything Connected? Not really…

An interesting question and perhaps a surprising answer. (Note that quantum fluctuations are something, not nothing. From nothing, nothing comes.) This does have practical application to changes in climate. No “connections” confirm that the global  climate system is indeed chaotic. 

“To get it out of the way first, no, string theory is not about how “everything is connected”. String theory describes the world in terms of strings, yes, but don’t picture those strings as links connecting distant places: string theory’s proposed strings are very, very short, much smaller than the scales we can investigate with today’s experiments. The reason they’re thought to be strings isn’t because they connect distant things, it’s because it lets them wiggle (counteracting some troublesome wiggles in quantum gravity) and wind (curling up in six extra dimensions in a multitude of ways, giving us what looks like a lot of different particles).” click here