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Political Opportunism Raining on Harvey

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A Model for Developing Water and Sanitation Capacity

Krakatau and Other Volcanic Eruptions Have Global Impacts

“Today, more than 130 years since the Krakatau, NCEI’s Volcanic Eruptions Database contains a listing of over 500 significant eruptions around the globe.Along with a volcano locations and volcanic ash advisory database, NCEI has assembled a wealth of information about historic volcanoes. Additionally, NCEI has a broad array of tsunami data and information. From historical tsunami events to tide gauge records, NCEI’s tsunami database is full of fascinating and historic information.” click here

Hurricane Harvey not Related to “Climate Change”

“Let’s review the two basic reasons why the Houston area is experiencing what now looks like a new record amount of total rainfall, at least for a 2-3 day period over an area of tens of thousands of square miles.” click here



Another Example of Temperature Data Manipulation and Fraud

“Fort Valley, Arizona had daily temperatures recorded every day during summer 1990. NOAA declared the data to be missing, and bumped the temperature up by 0.64C (1.16F)” click here

Unhiding the Temperature Decline

source: Tony Heller

Arpaio Pardon the Right Thing to Do

“Sheriff Joe is a patriot, Sheriff Joe loves our country, Sheriff Joe protected our borders, and Sheriff Joe was very unfairly treated by the Obama administration, especially right before an election, an election he would have won,” Trump told reporters when asked about the pardon, highlighting what he saw as a political decision on his predessessor’s part to prosecute Arpaio. click here