Daily Archives: August 25, 2017

No Evidence of “Climate Change” in Surface Temperature Record, Suzhou, China

Recently I visited Suzhou, China. Nothing like a refreshing cool mist at the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

I was curious about the temperature record for this city. Take a look at this plot of GHCND average daily temperatures for Suzhou, China.

Maybe I’m missing something. Can someone show me any evidence in these data of “climate change” beyond natural variability over this ~40 year period? Looks to me like hot (and humid) is the norm in the summer within a wide band of natural variability.

Atmospheric Temperature Profiles Explained Using Gas Laws, Humidity, and Phase Changes

“By studying weather balloon data around the world Connolly and Connolly show that the temperature profile of the atmosphere to the stratosphere can be completely explained using the gas laws, humidity and phase changes. The atmospheric temperature profile does not appear to be influenced, to any measurable extent, by infrared active gases like carbon dioxide.” click here