Daily Archives: December 20, 2017

Climate Models Useful but Unreliable for Forecasting

“His paper argues that the methods used by the establishment climate science community are not fit for purpose and that a new forecasting paradigm should be adopted. A number of papers have been published over the recent years pointing out that climate models have been far short of reliable.” click here

Hyde Amendment Necessary for Obamacare Reform

“The Hyde amendment is about how taxpayer dollars are used, that is, it represents an exercise of taxpayers’ conscience, but most importantly it saves lives. According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, this amendment has saved over 2 million lives since 1976, when it was first enacted to prevent Medicaid funding for abortion.” click here

National Security Strategy Puts Mideast Turmoil in Proper Perspective

“The Israeli-Palestinian conflict further has nothing to do with the Iran-backed Houthi rebels destabilizing Yemen or targeting Saudi Arabia. It is not a significant factor in the Shiite-Sunni divide that has been at the heart of Mideast violence. It is a footnote to Islamic State designs to create a Caliphate and subjugate non-Muslims in the Middle East and worldwide.  The lack of a Palestinian state (the fault of the Palestinians alone for repeatedly rejecting statehood offers) is not driving the Syria civil war, nor is it behind Iran’s attempt to takeover Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.” click here

Cosmic Rays from the Sun are Increasing

“High altitude instrumentation balloon measurements show an increase in cosmic rays since 2015” click here