Daily Archives: January 13, 2018

Will Renewables Replace Nuclear Power? Maybe. Maybe Not.

An odd state of affairs for nuclear power generation. On the one-hand it is ending largely due to poor experiences with PWRs (here). And yet it is just beginning to see support again as even environmentalist activists realize (here)  that renewables are an inadequate solution to long-term power generation. 

“After decades of promises about its potential, the window of opportunity is closing for nuclear power. Hated by the Left despite its carbon-free generation of electricity, their opposition plus decades of utilities’ screw-ups have weakened it. New energy tech — renewables and fracking — appears to be finishing it off.” click here

“Where does that leave us? With some more uncomfortable facts. Like if Germany hadn’t closed its nuclear plants, it’s emissions would be 43 percent lower than they are today. And if you care about climate change, that’s something you at least have to wrestle with — especially in light of the facts I’ve presented on the health impacts of different energy sources.” click here