Daily Archives: January 28, 2018

Mn and Al deposits in drinking water distribution systems

Li G, Ding Y, Xu H, Jin J, Shi B. Characterization and release profile of (Mn, Al)-bearing deposits in drinking water distribution systems. Chemosphere. 2018 Jan 9;197:73-80. doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2018.01.027.

Inorganic contaminants accumulation in drinking water distribution systems (DWDS) is a great threat to 2 without well crystalline form. The relative abundance of Mn and Fe in deposits changed with their distance from the water treatment plant. Compared with iron in corrosion scales, Mn and Al were more labile to be released back into bulk water during unidirectional flushing process. A main finding of this work is the co-release behavior of Mn and Al in particulate form and significant correlation exists between these two metals. Dual control of manganese and aluminum in treated water is proposed to be essential to cope with discoloration and trace metal contamination in DWDS.