Daily Archives: February 7, 2018

Global Population Living in Extreme Poverty Declining

“Our world is certainly a long way from being perfect, and much more needs to be done to tackle poverty. Yet the incidence of extreme poverty has fallen sharply in the last few decades, despite the huge increase in global population.” click here

Sea Level Rise has Not Accelerated, Slower than Expected

“Over the past months a spate of scientific papers published show¬†sea level rise has not accelerated¬†like many climate warming scientists warned earlier. The reality is that the rise is far slower than expected…” click here

Do wind turbine setback ordinances constitute a “takings of private property without compensation”?

An interesting and very important question that must be addressed by the courts.

“The complaint refers to Cass County’s wind energy conversion systems ordinance, which requires wind turbines to be at least 1,000 feet from homes. That means no homes can be constructed within 1,000 feet of wind turbines, which the complaint states “authorizes the taking of private property without compensation being paid.” click here