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Climates change; always have, always will

In this short story, the characters are examining graphs of data from NOAA, USGS, EPA, and NIFC that do not support common views about human-induced climate change in the United States. Specifically, it’s typically believed by naïve and gullible propaganda-programmed persons that mankind’s release of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, into Earth’s atmosphere has caused and is causing climate to change for the worse in the United States. In reality, however, if long-term datasets from U.S. government agencies (and fire agencies supported by government agencies) for the entire country are considered, the data show no increase in frequency, and no strengthening, of numerous types of weather events.


Renewable energy subsidies are a very poor investment

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Almost 50% of NOAA temperature “data” is estimated (made up, not measured)

Anyone can make up “data” to show a trend. To use measurements (real data) to estimate made up data, and then plot the measurements along with the estimates, looks innocent. But is simply sophisticated form of the logical fallacy of begging question?

“But before data tampering, the US has been cooling for the past 90 years.  The claimed warming trend is entirely due to data tampering.” click here

Arctic ice increase….hockey stick?

“No one knows how long this divergence of surplus ice will persist, but for now 2018 Arctic ice extent resembles a hockey stick.  Presently the ice is 525.000 km^2 above 11 year average (2007 to 2017 inclusive) and  ~1M km^2 greater than 2007.” click here

Twitter continues double-speak; disingenuous censorship

“Twitter banned the account of a pro-Trump grassroots campaign with 15 state field directors along with another prominent Trump supporter, failing to reinstate the accounts on the same day that the company came under fire from the president himself for discrimination against conservatives.” click here

The science was settled; Unanimous consensus global cooling could cause mass starvation; 1974

“A recent meeting of climate experts in Bonn, West Germany, produced the unanimous conclusion that the change in global weather patterns poses a severe threat to agriculture that could lead to major crop failures and mass starvation.” click here

Ironically, global cooling could lead to mass starvation. But predicting when this would happen and what would be the cause of it requires knowledge of the future which is well beyond science.

“Why are you a global warming denier?”

“I penned the following short-story, set in the year 2017, as a series of conversations between a twentysomething daughter and her mid-50s father. The father is a heretic of the church of catastrophic human-induced global warming/climate change. The daughter, Anna, is a believer. 
This work includes quotes from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and a well-respected politician. It also includes 22 illustrations, most of which are in color. And there are hyperlinks for those of you using Kindle readers where hyperlinks will work.”