Daily Archives: August 10, 2018

Industrial wind energy conflicts with military operations

“There have been several years of conflict between military operations (in the U.S. and elsewhere) and industrial wind energy.  There have been multiple types of conflicts, ranging from tall structures obstructing low-level flight paths to weather and navigation radar interferences to specialized cases (like deteriorating the important ROTHR facility and having infrasound compromise sensitive military equipment).” click here

“Drought is the normal climate of the western U.S.”

“That is why the west is a desert. There have been 200 year long droughts in the past.” click here

Forest mismanagement fuels California fires

“The Little Hoover Commission (LHC), an independent California oversight agency, has been documenting forest mismanagement in the Golden State for decades. LHC described California’s Timber Harvest Plan in 1994 as an “inadequate tool” for balancing environmental and economic needs.” click here