Daily Archives: August 30, 2018

“Race-of-our-lives” report simply unbalanced, unrealistic

The writers of this report (here) have been blinded by unrealistic or invalid assumptions. Indeed, a free-market capitalism with affordable energy and reasonable regulation is prerequisite to achieving sustainable communities. Sustainable communities and sustainability in general are simply not possible if the direction being proposed in this report is pursued.

Be sure to do your homework when investigating surface temperatures.

“Everything the New York Times said in that 2006 article was fact-free superstition, junk science and fake news, which is their standard operating procedure.¬† And of course they censor anyone who tells the truth.” click here

“Hottest US summer on record” is simply not the case

“The frequency of 95F (35C) days this summer was 85th highest (or 40th lowest) since 1895.” click here