Daily Archives: September 13, 2018

Supreme Court nominee qualified and capable to serve

“The White House reminded critics the FBI had vetted Kavanaugh throughout his 25-year career, he had sat through 65 meetings with senators, 30 hours of testimony, and addressed over 2,000 questions, throwing into  question the timing of the new information.” click here

Deep State “Voice of America” California climate story a creative fabrication, nonsense

“Mr. O’Sullivan cited a pamphlet that wasn’t a report, wasn’t from the State of California and documented no relationship between climate change and fires.  He then goes on to babble…” click here

Google censored search engine “a forfeiture of our values”

Jack Poulson, a senior research scientist at Google, has quit the company in protest over the tech titan’s development of a censored search engine for China, claiming it represents a “forfeiture of our values.” click here