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Climate model predictions are unreliable

Climate model forecasts have shown a 100% failure rate. click here

US House of Representative gun control effort one sided, prejudicial

“[T]hey didn’t want to hear all sides,” Scalise said. “They just wanted to hear the side of people who are promoting gun control. They didn’t want to hear the side of people who, in my case, it was people who used guns properly that saved my life and everybody else on that ballfield. And it happens all the time in America where people use a gun to defend themselves.” click here

100 percent renewable energy is economically, environmentally and societally unsustainable

“Mayors in more than 100 US cities have announced plans to transition their electrical power systems to 100 percent renewable by 2050. They propose replacement of traditional coal, natural gas, and nuclear generating stations with wind, solar, and wood-fired stations. But none of these mayors has a plausible idea of how to meet their commitment.” click here


“Global warming” unnoticeable over the prior 50 years

The amount of “global” warming occurring over the prior 50 years has been very small. It is hardly noticeable compared to the typical range of variability in local temperatures. click here

Not convinced? The graph below is typical of cities I have examined across the globe.


Extratropical volcanoes affect climate more than assumed

“Large-scale cooling after volcanic eruptions occurs when volcanoes inject large quantities of sulfur gases into the stratosphere, a layer of the atmosphere which starts at about 10-15 kilometers height. There the sulfur gases produce a sulfuric aerosol haze that persists for months or years. The aerosols reflect a portion of incoming solar radiation, which can no longer reach the lower layers of the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface.” click here

Teachers should focus on education, not climate alarmism

“New state laws aim to refocus climate activist teachers on providing academic education.” click here

Democrat Green New Deal is catestrophically unsustainable

“Democrats’ Green New Deal legislation envisions a United States that eliminates all greenhouse gas emissions through a massive expansion of government control, which includes a green grid, electrified mass transit and high-speed rail.” click here