Net surface energy imbalance estimates are very small compared with measurement uncertainty.

“The net energy balance is the sum of individual fluxes. The current uncertainty in this net surface energy balance is large, and amounts to approximately 17 Wm−2. This uncertainty is an order of magnitude larger than the changes to the net surface fluxes associated with increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (Fig. 2b). The uncertainty is also approximately an order of magnitude larger than the current estimates of the net surface energy imbalance of 0.6 ±0.4 Wm−2inferred from the rise in OHC13,14. The uncertainty in the TOA net energy fluxes, although smaller, is also much larger than the imbalance inferred from OHC. The variations of these fluxes on interannual timescales12, however, closely follow variations in changes to OHC over time13,14, here

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