Daily Archives: March 7, 2019

Cheap migrant labor drives down American’s wages and opportunities

“Throughout the March 6 hearing, Democrats ignored the mounting evidence of murders, rapes, and robberies among the migrants, and the data showing that cheap labor migrants drive down Americans’ wages and opportunities. The Democrats ignored Nielsen’s measured calls for border reforms and slammed her enforcement of the law, even after she calmly described the loopholes which are encouraging a wave of perhaps 900,000 migrants this year.” click here

Five-alarm crisis at the southern border

“I just got back from the southern border. There’s a five-alarm crisis going on down there. It’s not just the human traffic, it’s the drug traffic. This is not just about building the wall – it’s about closing the loopholes and getting border patrol agents the resources they need,” Perdue told Breitbart News. “President Trump knows that, and he’s right to take action to protect the American people.” click here

The time is right for a Presidential Committee on Climate Security

An independent assessment of the wild claims regarding changes in climate being made by government agencies (whose funding depends on those claims) is long overdue. See here and hear.

New paper confuses human fingerprints with significance of effect

“Since climate is always changing and humans are part of the overall global climate system, detection of human fingerprints (e.g. here) is no surprise. After all, we’re part of the system. A discussion of the weaknesses of the Santer paper is here.