Daily Archives: March 14, 2019

An objective assessment by the proposed Presidential Climate Commission is needed now. This exchange illustrates why.

“Michael Mann, a professor at Penn State University, has done a smear piece on President Donald Trump, Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore and Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer in Newsweek. Mann and other climate activists are working overtime trying to suppress scientific debate and stop the  proposed Presidential Climate Commission.” click here

Carbon dioxide didn’t create a climate crisis

“The executive director of the CO2 Coalition, Caleb Rossiter, downplayed the role of carbon dioxide in global warming on Wednesday, telling Hill.TV’s “Rising” that the gas did not create the climate crisis.” click here

NOAA corruption of New York Temperatures

“NOAA corrects corrupts the data by cooling the past, which is the exact opposite of what the correct adjustment would be.  The appropriate adjustment for an expanding urban heat island would be to cool recent years.” click here

Are solar energy policies responsible for California fires?

“But what if the blame belongs not with climate change, but with climate change policies that the utilities and their benefactors in government favor? There’s some evidence for this that insurance companies and displaced California residents might be interested in learning more about. As taxpayers and utility ratepayers, they are all spending part of their workday financing solar energy schemes that may have led to high-pressure conditions affecting electrical equipment, which in turn sparked the fires.” click here