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July 4 Celebration

“Despite the fact that many young Americans aren’t extremely proud to be American, the United States is—and always has been—a pioneer of new technologies, a champion for human rights, and a force for freedom across the globe. From winning the Space Race to defeating Nazi Germany to providing aid and assistance to countries across the world, the United States surely deserves extreme pride and patriotism—especially among its own people.

No nation is perfect, and obviously the United States has its flaws. However, this Fourth of July, we all should take the time to reflect on the unique strengths and accomplishments of the United States.” click here

Richard Feynman critic is fooling himself just like Feynmen said.

“Why is it that a “philosopher” who dares to write a text about Feynman – and primarily about Feynman – doesn’t know even a fraction of the things that each of the thousands of fans of Feynman’s knows? Why did Aeon.co publish a text by this self-evidently incompetent author? click here

An antidote to motivated reasoning in climate science

” “Getting it right” is the sine qua non of science. Science can tolerate individual mistakes and flawed theories, but only if it has reliable mechanisms for efficient self-correction. Unfortunately, science is not always self-correcting. Indeed, a series of threats to the integrity of scientific research has recently come to the fore across the sciences, including questionable research practices, failures to replicate, publication biases, and political biases. ” click here