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“Carbon dioxide…has no impact on climate change!”

“Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an extremely important molecule for life on Earth and has no impact on climate change! The numerical calculations of the detailed integration of the Schwarzschild equations provide the proof and are well illustrated. The book will explain why the climate does change. Along the journey, the reader will learn about the beginning of the universe, our Milky Way Galaxy, early Earth climate change, the irrigation system of planet Earth and why the atmosphere is so chaotic. There is also a concern about the future and how society must prepare for the inevitable changes that will come.” click here and here

Changing data does not change climate history

“As of the mid-1970s, the “consensus” among climate scientists was the globe had warmed by +0.6°C from 1880 to 1940, and then cooled by -0.3°C (to -0.4°C) from 1940 to 1970.” click here