Sea-level rapidly rising, not!

Nils-Axel Mörner, Biology and Shore Morphology: Keys to proper reconstruction of sea level changes, J Marine Biology and Aquascape . Doi: 10.31579/ 26415143/JMBA.2019 /020

Biological criteria and shore morphology do not lie. Therefore, they are key elements for a proper reconstruction of sea level changes during the last 500 years. The elements have to be observed, understood, documented and dated. Having done so in the Maldives, Bangladesh, Goa (India), Fiji and New Caledonia, a new picture emerged. Sea level is not at all in a rapidly rising mode in the equatorial region, rather it is in opposed phase with the well-known climate changes of the Northern Hemisphere. The main driving force is changes in Earth’s rate of rotation as a function of planetary-solar interaction with the Earth’s systems.

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