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Unsustainable development is the fruit of political tyranny

“Climate alarmism has always been about tyranny, and taking away your freedom and money.  Now they’re being quite open about it. They want people under house arrest permanently.” click here

A common error in environmental studies is an incorrect or inappropriate baseline

“Positioning of regional temperature reconstructions seem completely reversed with Arctic and NH anomalies plotting colder than Antarctic anomalies. Whether by design or chance, using the 1961-1990 baseline visually amplifies present day warming and suppresses known past natural events like the MWP.” click here

Infectious diseases like COVID-19 present an imminent acute-health risk to people with weakened-immune systems; alarmism “climate change” does not

A do-it-yourself face mask can be effective against coronavirus

“The daft push-me-pull-you messaging of how the useless masks are needed on the front line will go down as a case study in how not to communicate (or build trust). The truth is we do want people to wear masks in the street, because it almost certainly does slow transmission. (These Lancet authors think so too).” click here

Is the coronavirus primarily an opportunistic pathogen?

“More than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority.” click here

Risk of pandemic identified in 2012, Germany

“The German government, led by Angela Merkel, had been warned more than 7 years ago of the very real potential for a pandemic and that the country’s health care system was not prepared to deal with such a crisis.

Yet, instead of preparing for the probable scenario, the government poured tens of billions of euros into fighting the imaginary “climate crisis”. Now, as Germany reels from the current COVID-19 pandemic, critical voices are asking why the government never bothered to take action to implement preventive measures.” click here

Too much trust in the wrong government experts?

“When all this is over we’re going to look back and see who has had a good war and who has had a bad war; who called it right, who covered themselves in glory, who showed themselves to be an hysterical bedwetter, who placed too much trust in the wrong “experts”, and so on.” click here