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UK journalist glad that old people will die from coronavirus?

“A sick “journalist” and “columnist” for the U.K. Times is celebrating what he described as a “silver lining” to the coronavirus epidemic sweeping the globe: It is killing off old people, who are more likely to reject the man-made global-warming hypothesis.” click here

Evolutionist Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) had a similar perspective:

“Spencer, in his volume on “Social Statistics,” vigorously opposes the promotion of sanitation by the enactment of any laws, whether by a nation, by a state, or by a municipality. He denounces all boards of health as veritable impediments to sanitary progress:…. …health should not be protected by the State,….”

Stanford E. Chaille, AM, MD, In “A consideration of the objections urged by some evolutionists against sanitary laws, board of health, and the stamping-out of certain epidemic diseases. undated.