This blog is provided as a free service to highlight current research and developments in water, wastewater, water recources, the environment, and to sometimes provide commentary on issues of particular interest. 

The blog was created and is maintained by the author just to have fun! Today it is virtually impossible not to unintentionally offend someone reading a post on this blog. Readers may certainly disagree, post a comment, or just ignore what is said. But no offense is intended towards any anyone nor any reader. When the smiley face appears know that it is simply for having fun….no hidden agenda.


The author receives no funding from any source (environmental groups, big green, little green, big power, small power, big oil, small oil, big water, small water, big EPA, small EPA, big academia, small academia, etc). The views expressed are based on 30+ years experience in civil and environmental engineering in a variety of areas, including plant operations, water and wastewater system design and construction, litigation, regulatory and legislative affairs, and research.

[Of course, views expressed in the blog posts are that of the author and do not represent the views of any organization nor any university where the author has had the privilege to work, study, and/or teach [University of Colorado – Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, University of Colorado – Denver, California Baptist University, The Johns Hopkins University, The University of Maryland. ]

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  1. Mary Anne Barry

    I am looking to speak to someone about Fluoride application to teeth of children in under poor communities in other countries besides the US.. ie. I am involved in the Belize Mission Project. We did 8,000 plus fl varnish applications to children in schools. Will nano silver be an option for our use. How can I obtain it. Is it available in US. What is the cost and how can it be applied. Could I transport it to Central America without a problem.

    Please contact me: Mary Anne Barry, RDH, BA 401-465-4744 on my cell phone or at work at 401-273-4411 http://www.belizemissionproject.com

  2. Dylan McLoughlin

    Dear Mr Pontius,

    I was very excited to find your blog. I am in the first process of starting a combined area charity to help others find solutions for safe drinking water and earth based construction methods using the issb and cseb methods in Latin America and Africa. I think I will be spending a lot of time reading through your articles to learn about your various viewpoints on the water related problems. I would be interested to know your views on the sawyer filters, biosand filters, your favorite water well pumps for Africa and Latin America, etc. I will start doing some searches through your site to see if you have already written on those topics.

    Thank you
    Best wishes,
    Dylan McLoughlin

  3. great blog

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