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Does low atmospheric carbon dioxide cause drought and extreme weather?

“From 1900 to 1970, the Northeast US was in drought most of the time, and was plagued with large forest fires. But since 1970, the Northeast has been wet and has had very little drought.” click here

Atmospheric carbon dioxide has nothing to do with flood events

Carbon dioxide and nitrogen drive greening of the earth

Michael O’Sullivan, Dominick V. Spracklen, Sarah A. Batterman, Steve R. Arnold, Manuel Gloor, Wolfgang Buermann. Have Synergies Between Nitrogen Deposition and Atmospheric CO2 Driven the Recent Enhancement of the Terrestrial Carbon Sink? Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Volume 33, Issue 2.

The terrestrial carbon sink has increased since the turn of this century at a time of increased fossil fuel burning, yet the mechanisms enhancing this sink are not fully understood. Here we assess the hypothesis that regional increases in nitrogen deposition since the early 2000s has alleviated nitrogen limitation and worked in tandem with enhanced CO2 fertilization to increase ecosystem productivity and carbon sequestration, providing a causal link between the parallel increases in emissions and the global land carbon sink. We use the Community Land Model (CLM4.5‐BGC) to estimate the influence of changes in atmospheric CO2, nitrogen deposition, climate, and their interactions to changes in net primary production and net biome production. We focus on two periods, 1901–2016 and 1990–2016, to estimate changes in land carbon fluxes relative to historical and contemporary baselines, respectively. We find that over the historical period, nitrogen deposition (14%) and carbon‐nitrogen synergy (14%) were significant contributors to the current terrestrial carbon sink, suggesting that long‐term increases in nitrogen deposition led to a substantial increase in CO2 fertilization. However, relative to the contemporary baseline, changes in nitrogen deposition and carbon‐nitrogen synergy had no substantial contribution to the 21st century increase in global carbon uptake. Nonetheless, we find that increased nitrogen deposition in East Asia since the early 1990s contributed 50% to the overall increase in net biome production over this region, highlighting the importance of carbon‐nitrogen interactions. Therefore, potential large‐scale changes in nitrogen deposition could have a significant impact on terrestrial carbon cycling and future climate.

Extreme weather is not caused by carbon dioxide

“There is no collusion between CO2 and temperature, no collusion whatsoever.”

“Speaking about the July 25 conference held at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., Lasee explained, “ICCC13 demonstrated that the Climate Delusion is not based on sound science or economics. It is wasting trillions of dollars and threatening our way of life, while propping up the drive for world socialism.” ” click here

“Carbon dioxide…has no impact on climate change!”

“Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an extremely important molecule for life on Earth and has no impact on climate change! The numerical calculations of the detailed integration of the Schwarzschild equations provide the proof and are well illustrated. The book will explain why the climate does change. Along the journey, the reader will learn about the beginning of the universe, our Milky Way Galaxy, early Earth climate change, the irrigation system of planet Earth and why the atmosphere is so chaotic. There is also a concern about the future and how society must prepare for the inevitable changes that will come.” click here and here

Nothing new under the sun; Carbon tax proposals simply repeat failed policies of the past

“It estimates the tax would bring in $12 billion in revenue, which would then be distributed in part as a rebate to low income families. A portion also would be used to invest in clean energy. The bill aims to reduce U.S. carbon emissions 55 percent by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050.” click here