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Here’s common sense on climate…

“We don’t know how the climate of the 21st century will evolve, and we will undoubtedly be surprised. Given this uncertainty, precise emissions targets and deadlines are scientifically meaningless. We can avoid much of the political gridlock by implementing common sense, no-regrets strategies that improve energy technologies, lift people out of poverty and make them more resilient to extreme weather events.” click here

Climate change migration myths

“Although the potential for climate change to disrupt livelihoods and threaten lives is real, these policies reinforce a false narrative that predicts large numbers of ‘climate refugees’. This self-referencing narrative in scientific literature and policy reports has the consequence of entrenching climate migration as a looming security crisis without an empirical scientific basis.” click here

Mr. Bernie Sanders is very confused about climate

fake news about ice, snow and cold temperatures

‘Cold is hot’ and other climate mantras

Another politically-driven report about climate to ignore

It seems to me these authors (here) have used the same tactics to mislead the American public as those organizations it criticizes. This report has nothing to do with climate science and contributes nothing towards solving real climate issues we face. Like many previous reports of the same quality, the “report” should be ignored and refuted. Click here for more discussion about this “study”.

Are historical data-based climate sensitivity estimates more reliable than speculation?

If historical data-based climate sensitivity estimates are unreliable, then how reliable is a critique based on historical data? Seems to me these authors have fallen into their own pit of questionable reliability. The same considerations they raise can (and should) be raised regarding their own work.  Click here for more discussion on this paper.

“We speculate that this could be explained by a deficiency in simulated coupled atmosphere–ocean feedbacks which reinforce the pattern (resembling the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation in some respects) that causes the low EffCS.” click here