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“Science denial” is a logical fallacy, an abusive ad hominum argument

Arguments that Japan is somehow “denying science” by affirming a commitment to fossil fuels (e.g. here) are simply false. It’s that simple. The “you are a science denier” argument is like the big bully throwing acid in another kids eyes. But it simply means the writer has no science-based arguments to support what he wants.

Energy and water are necessary for a sustainable economy and sustainable environment

“If you want to see a good example of how vital electricity and energy are to an economy, look no further than Germany. Since the country has imposed strict restrictions on people gathering, large parts of industry have been harshly impacted. The existence of millions of German people is now threatened.” click here

UK’s biggest solar farm “…pose[s] an unacceptable risk of death or long term illness…”

“I am extremely concerned that the potential hazards associated with such a large BESS pose an unacceptable risk of death or long term illness to the population which is served by Newton Place Medical Practice.” click here

Wind farms cause more environmental impact than previously thought

L.M. Miller, D.W. Keith Climate Impacts of Wind Power. Joule 12:2:P2618-P2632

We find that generating today’s US electricity demand (0.5 TWe) with wind power would warm Continental US surface temperatures by 0.24°C. Warming arises, in part, from turbines redistributing heat by mixing the boundary layer. Modeled diurnal and seasonal temperature differences are roughly consistent with recent observations of warming at wind farms, reflecting a coherent mechanistic understanding for how wind turbines alter climate. The warming effect is: small compared with projections of 21st century warming, approximately equivalent to the reduced warming achieved by decarbonizing global electricity generation, and large compared with the reduced warming achieved by decarbonizing US electricity with wind. For the same generation rate, the climatic impacts from solar photovoltaic systems are about ten times smaller than wind systems. Wind’s overall environmental impacts are surely less than fossil energy. Yet, as the energy system is decarbonized, decisions between wind and solar should be informed by estimates of their climate impacts.

Japan building coal power plants

” Japan Goes Into Reverse on Going Green
The country abandoned nuclear energy and is building coal plants that will spew as much CO2 as all the cars in the U.S.” click here

Solar and wind installations cause serious environmental damage

“The Green New Deal is anything but ‘clean’ or ‘green.’ Even the relatively modest numbers of solar and wind installations in the United States today are causing serious environmental damage.” click here

Electric vehicles are unsustainable

“EV’s are hyped as being pollution free. Well, not necessarily so. Its true EV’s have no tailpipes, but the tailpipes are located at the power plants generating the electricity to charge the cars batteries, and at the refineries that provide all the derivatives from petroleum that make all the parts of the EV’s.” click here