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“Deep Green Resistance” relies on the civilization it seeks to destroy

“When civilization ends, the living world will rejoice. We must be biophilic people in order to survive.” (Deep Green Resistance) click here

Oil companies fund climate alarmism (Is this why the price of gas is climbing?)

“Climate alarmists often accuse skeptics, like myself and independent groups like the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Heartland Institute, of being in the pay of Big Oil. This is completely false – the Big Lie repeated so often that people eventually believe it. We do not receive even a dime from Big Oil. It’s part of the green fairy tale that skepticism exists only because the oil companies are funding it.” click here

Save the people of the planet from the people who think they will save the planet

“Rossiter to Congress: “Extreme weather events such as cyclones, floods, droughts and tornadoes are not increasing in incidence or lives lost. Indeed, the global mortality from all weather-related natural disasters declined by 99 percent while the population trebled after 1920, thanks to improved economies and technologies. Food production and calorie consumption per capita continue to increase, thanks to the green revolution, increased CO2 fertilization and longer growing seasons. Fossil fuels contribute enormously to the production, safe storage and transport of food and thus to human nutrition.”click here (from WUWT)

The polar bear crisis that never happend

“In her book Dr. Crockford explains how activist researchers tried to create a polar bear crisis using shoddy computer simulations, bad science and hiding inconvenient facts. But now their failed predictions have led to a total loss of scientific credibility, which Crockford says “they entirely deserve”. “ click here

Religious faith exploited to achieve green policy objectives

“Climate liberals appear to view spirituality and faith as a potential weakness they can leverage to achieve their green policy objectives.” click here

French physician warns of green dictatorship

“Alexandre comments that Thunberg and the leftists are demanding that “we reduce our energy consumption by at least to a fourth, and believes that “imposing such a step backwards can only be achieved through the green dictatorship.” “ click here and here.

Here is why “Green” should not be used as a descriptive label (e.g. green construction, etc.).

“Green” is the name of a political ideology. It should not be used as a generic descriptive label (e.g. green engineering).

“Recently we reported here how the German Greens are the biggest frequent fliers, and thus climate hypocrites. So it’s only ironic that they are now calling for flight restrictions to be imposed on all citizens.” click here