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Colder temperatures are more hazardous than warmer

“A recent study published in an esteemed academic journal indicates that volcanic eruptions in the mid 500s resulted in an unusually gloomy and cold period. A joint research project of the Chronology Laboratory of the Finnish Museum of Natural History and Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) suggests that the years 536 and 541-544 CE were very difficult for many people.” click here

Global warming goes on trial in California

“Global warming goes on trial at 8.00 am this Wednesday, 21 March 2018, in Court 8 on the 19th floor of the Federal Building at 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco. Court 8 is the largest of the courtrooms in the Federal District Court of Northern California. They’re clearly expecting a crowd. The 8 am start, rather than the usual 10 am, is because the judge in the case is an early bird.” click here


Global Temperatures Continue to Drop

The Roots of Global Warming Religion


Satellite-Based Temperatures of the Global Lower Atmosphere

Global Warming Has Positive Benefits

Darwinian evolution has nothing to do with global warming or human survival. Nonetheless there are positive benefits to global warming.

“Nothing upsets greens like pointing out the obvious. Humans evolved in the tropics. Outside the extreme tropics where we evolved, we have to wear clothes to stay warm, otherwise we die of exposure. Green suggestions that a few degrees warming would be a crisis are absurd.” click here

Man-made climate change is dogma, not science

“Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is settled science, proclaim the predictors of weather doomsday. Settled Science? Science evolves continuously and can never be settled, unless, of course, the ‘settled’ subject is dogma, not science. Is it just a ‘my way or the highway’ attempt by vested interests to close discussion on their terms?” click here