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Stanford Professor Files Lawsuit Against other Scientists for Critiquing His Work

This looks to me to be a very strange situation indeed. I’m not sure what to think of it. Read for yourself (here) and decide.


Obama “Clean Power Plan” Faces Legal Scrutiny

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit will hear oral arguments Tuesday in West Virginia v. EPA, the legal challenge to President Barack Obama’s signature global warming initiative, the Clean Power Plan (CPP).” click here

Racketeering Lawsuit Against Greenpeace

“Financial Post columnist Peter Foster talks with Marita Noon and Canadian timber company Resolute’s racketeering lawsuit against Greenpeace.” click here

Is it Time to Prosecute Government-Funded Climate Alarmists for Fraud

Someone will be mad at me for asking this question. But I’m just wondering….click here


Peruvian Farmer is Confused, Misguided on “Climate Change”

If a strict liability standard is applied properly this is a frivolous lawsuit and should be thrown out. I do have a lot sympathy for this farmer’s situation. But climates change naturally with or without RWE.

The carbon dioxide the farmer emits every time he exhales has a direct impact on the atmosphere above his farm since he lives right there. What proportion of the climate stress he is experiencing is due to his own existence and choices? 

“A Peruvian farmer has filed a landmark lawsuit against German energy giant RWE, saying that the company’s fossil fuel emissions endanger his family, livelihood and hometown, a German NGO said Tuesday.” click here


Litigation as a Method of Advancing Sanitation?

This study raises a number of important issues. The underlying philosophy of this particular publication promotes one particular point of view.

de Barcellos AP. Sanitation Rights, Public Law Litigation, and Inequality: A Case Study from Brazil. Health and Human Rights. 2014 Dec 11;16(2):E35-E46.

Public law litigation has been used in many places to advance human rights related to health. In Brazil, such lawsuits usually request that the government pay for pharmaceuticals to individuals. But could litigation play a role in shaping public health policies to benefit communities? To explore this question, this paper focuses on lawsuits involving determinants of health, namely water and sanitation public policies. This paper discusses the results of an empirical study of 258 Brazilian court orders, issued in a 10-year period, that address requests for sewage collection and treatment. The data show that the Brazilian judiciary is willing to improve access to sanitation services. However, litigation has addressed fewer than 177 out of the 2,495 Brazilian municipalities that lack both sewage collection and treatment systems, and lawsuits are concentrated in the richer cities, not in the poorest ones. This paper suggests that public law litigation can be used to foster public health policies similar to the way in which structural reform litigation and the experimentalism approach between courts and defendants have influenced public policies and achieved institutional reform in schools and prisons. However, greater effort is needed to target initiatives that would reach the most disenfranchised communities.

Possible class action lawsuit against Pratt, South Carolina

“Lawyers for the Sutter Law Firm in Charleston sent Pratt officials letters last month informing them that they may be the target of a class-action lawsuit over the town’s drinking water. Lawyers asked for information about water quality violations and the results of water tests of the town water supply, and asked for information about Pratt’s insurance carrier.”

Click here for news article….