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Catastrophic 1988 climate predictions do not correspond to reality (not even close)

Is the USGCRP Climate Report fake news?

“Obama-era deep-state bureaucrats have issued a dubious climate report that warns of imminent devastation from global warming. The report presents discredited assertions from environmental activist groups as “evidence” to support its findings, as well as predictions of temperature change and extreme weather events that have already been contradicted by real-world data.” click here

Red Cross spreading nonsense about climate change conflicts

“According to the Red Cross climate change is exacerbating conflicts – a claim which has been soundly debunked by a detailed study into the correlation between drought and conflict.” click here

Mr. Paul Krugman over-reacts against President Trump, to say the least

I’m not sure exactly who Mr. Krugman is talking about (here) when he rages against climate denial since it is impossible to deny climate. Climate is a dynamic system. Yes it has changed, is changing, and will change.

It is simply one-sided politics to let Mr. Krugman voice his opinion without offering the opposite view to be published concurrently so readers can hear the other side of the story side by side and decide for themself which to believe.



BBC now pushing unbalanced “climate change” propaganda

What BBC is doing is silly. It is simply impossible to “deny” changes in climate. Climates change, with or without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

“The BBC has told staff they no longer need to invite climate-change skeptics on to its program.” click here

Social media companies should not have special immunity

“During a hearing before the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, lawyer Harmeet Dhillon got into a heated exchange with Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), in which Dhillon argued that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which provides special protections for social media platforms, should be revised to “strip that immunity from those companies, because they do not deserve it.” “ click here

Real climate data exposes misleading New York Times story

“Having built many climate datasets of Alabama, some starting as early as 1850, I knew the Times story was designed to create alarm and promote the claim that humans who use carbon-based energy (gasoline, natural gas, coal) to help them live better lives are making our summers ever more miserable.  Be aware reader, this webtool is not designed to provide accurate information.” click here