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Too much trust in the wrong government experts?

“When all this is over we’re going to look back and see who has had a good war and who has had a bad war; who called it right, who covered themselves in glory, who showed themselves to be an hysterical bedwetter, who placed too much trust in the wrong “experts”, and so on.” click here

CNN “end of snow” mantra is nonsense

We continue to hear end of snow predictions like this (click here)…

“A warming planet has major ramifications on winter snowpack across the globe, including a long-term drying trend for many. That’s a concern for winter sports enthusiasts and communities that depend on snow throughout the year.”

Year-to-year variability is no cause for alarm. 

“Up to 2 inches of snow had fallen by 8:20 a.m. CST, Thursday, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, which was enough to coat sidewalks and roads in a slick layer of snow and make for a messy morning commute. Parked cars had to be scraped clean of a thick layer of snow that had accumulated over them. By the time the final snow amount for Thursday is tallied, the daily snowfall record for Feb. 6, which currently stands at 4 inches set back in 1914, could be broken. “ click here

False climate propaganda intended to scare everyone

New York Times publishes “fake facts” on climate

Press reports on climate do not correspond to reality

Climate hypocrisy: “Free Press” newspaper now advocating censorship

“So what did the entire editorial board of Canada’s Winnipeg Free Press newspaper do the day before that anniversary? It loudly called for censorship. It promoted intolerance. It published a lengthy editorial titled Time to silence voices of denial. This isn’t the opinion of a single writer, we’re informed, but an official, “consensus view.” ” click here

News reports about Arctic Ice are not based on reality…