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Global Population Living in Extreme Poverty Declining

“Our world is certainly a long way from being perfect, and much more needs to be done to tackle poverty. Yet the incidence of extreme poverty has fallen sharply in the last few decades, despite the huge increase in global population.” click here

Dead Sea Scrolls validate the Biblical text

“Israeli scholars have pieced together and deciphered one of two previously unread manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls more than half a century since their discovery, an Israeli university has said.” click here

Scientists Recycle 1970 Hysteria

A Case for Withdrawal from Paris Agreement

President Trump was 100% correct (not just 97%) when he showed true leadership this week – and walked America away from the madness laid out before him and us on the Paris climate table. ” click here

Paris Agreement will do Little to Reduce Global Temperatures

“Senator Rand Paul has backed up Trump’s decision to exit Paris by reiterating that the Paris Agreement would do little to reduce global temperatures. His interview however has attracted the expected kickbacks from the alarmist fraternity.” click here

“Paris “Climate” Accord Was Nothing But Fakery”

A sobering point of view on the Paris Agreement from Tony Heller:

Reaction to Paris Agreement Withdrawal is Irrational, Unproductive

“Heads are exploding today, get popcorn. Here are some of the best emotionally based reactions from the climate alarmist squad.” click here for more courtesy of WUWT