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Setting the Record Straight on US Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

“President Donald Trump on Wednesday declared that “it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” calling the move “a long overdue step to advance the peace process.”

In response to the move, the Palestinian Authority and numerous Arab nations have launched a propaganda offensive based on lies and misinformation. Most of the dishonest talking points have not been countered by the news media. Below, in no particular order, are six of those lies that must be called out.” click here

Remember Pearl Harbor Day

“In the weeks and months that took place after the surprise attack – and that was a vicious surprise attack – millions answered like these guys and fought the war,” Trump said. “They triumphed, though many died to defend America against our enemies and to defeat the enemies of all humanity.” click here

Merry Christmas from President Donald Trump

” “Today is a day that I’ve been looking very much forward to all year long.  It’s one that we have heard and we speak about and we dream about.  And now, as the President of the United States, it’s my tremendous honor to finally wish America and the world, a very merry Christmas,” he said. ” click here

US Vice President Mike Pence to address the Israeli Parliament

“Pence will be the first top US official to address the Knesset since George W. Bush’s visit in May of 2008.” click here


“US Military…directly affected by climate alarmist claims separated from sound science”

“The “propaganda” underpinning climate alarmism is “causing tremendous political bottlenecks” that prevent government officials from “doing the right thing” on energy, he said.” click here

Time to End US Support for Terrorists

“The House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed the Taylor Force Act (House Resolution 1164) on Wednesday, taking the United States government one step closer to cutting funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) if it refuses to end its practice of  “pay for slay,” which involves rewarding terrorists for killing Americans and Israelis.” click here

Unlimited Amnesty, Uncontrolled Immigration Poses US Security Threat

“A new Morning Consult-POLITICO poll reveals how little support a DACA amnesty has among the American public, with fewer than 30 percent of voters wanting Congress to prioritize the issue.” click here