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Voters support building a border-wall.

“President Trump’s proposed wall along the United States-Mexico border has soared in popularity with American voters across the board, as he battles a split GOP-Democrat Congress to secure funding for the barrier.” click here and here

President Trump does not need congressional approval to build a border-wall

“Contrary to what you may have heard from the lame-stream media, not all of those apprehended have been innocent women and children. Thousands of violent criminals with rap sheets ranging from murder to kidnapping to rape to drug trafficking are caught sneaking into our nation every year.” click here

Border wall is common sense. Water security will not happen without it.

“At the request of Democrats, it will be a steel barrier rather than a concrete wall. This barrier is absolutely critical to border security. It’s also what our professionals at the border want and need. This is just common sense.” click here

“Democrats using federal workers as human shields to keep border open”

“According to Democrats: Thousands of undocumented foreigners storming the border and throwing rocks at Border Patrol; millions of aliens living in the United States illegally; criminal aliens violently attacking, raping and murdering Americans … it’s all a “manufactured crisis.”click here

Border-crisis deniers take note; The border crisis is real.

“During the Democrat response to President Trump’s Oval Office address, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused the president of “manufacturing a crisis” at the United States-Mexico border.

In a fact check by Breitbart News, Pelosi’s statement is incorrect. A review of the crime at the southern border, cartel warfare, drug epidemic, deaths from an open border, asylum fraud, and costs to American taxpayers reveal a startling crisis at the border.” click here

A border wall is necessary for US national security. Congress needs to get serious and work together to get it done.

“During an interview with NBC broadcast on Tuesday’s “Today,” Vice President Mike Pence stated that President Trump is “looking at and considering” declaring a national emergency to build a wall. He added that Americans expect Washington to “work together” to solve border security.” click here

A border wall is essential for national security despite its limitations (and unpopularity with some people).

“President Donald Trump remains resolute about allowing the government shutdown to go on if Democrats continue to refuse to fund border security.” click here