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The measured average earth temperature is >1 degree lower than theoretically calculated values

There’s no doubt it’s gotten warmer since 1850, the peak of the Little Ice Age. But it’s clear nobody knows what the globe’s real average temperature is. Figures are being wildly tossed around. If we are to believe the IPCC’s 14.7°C figure, then we are still too cool and there is absolutely no warming crisis. click here

If temperature data does not match the theory, the data is changed to prove the theory

Are historical data-based climate sensitivity estimates more reliable than speculation?

If historical data-based climate sensitivity estimates are unreliable, then how reliable is a critique based on historical data? Seems to me these authors have fallen into their own pit of questionable reliability. The same considerations they raise can (and should) be raised regarding their own work.  Click here for more discussion on this paper.

“We speculate that this could be explained by a deficiency in simulated coupled atmosphere–ocean feedbacks which reinforce the pattern (resembling the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation in some respects) that causes the low EffCS.” click here

China moves forward with coal-fired power plants

“As China builds hundreds of new coal fired power plants, America shuts down our food supply.” click here

Impeachment claim to drive election climate change is based on unreliable computer models, way overpredicting demand

“Democrat presidential hopeful and billionaire Tom Steyer claimed Tuesday night during the Democrat presidential debate at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, that “American people are demanding” the impeachment of President Donald Trump. ” click here

Willful blindness in the press on record cold temperatures

How to lie with (temperature) statistics