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Concentrated solar power is unsustainable

“Crescent Dunes is a flop and taxpayers are set to lose $737 million on it, according to a new Bloomberg report. That is even more than the $535 million taxpayers lost on the corruption‐​soaked Solyndra solar project.” click here

Affordable energy is essential for sustainable infrastructure

“A new report prepared by Kleinhenz & Associates for the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program shows increased oil and natural gas production from hydraulic fracturing  (“fracking”) has saved American consumers $1.1 trillion in the decade from 2008 to 2018. This breaks down to more than $900 in annual savings to each American family, or $9,000 in cumulative savings.” click here

USEPA delays action on “affordability”

For several decades now USEPA has continued to push consolidation and variable water rates or single tarriff pricing to force water and wastewater systems in the United States to raise water rates. The so called “affordability” issue has been an ongoing unresolved issue for many years. Why? Becuase a robust economy is needed for sustainable water and wastewater systems. But USEPA wants us to continue to believe that it only (the federal government) and more regulation are needed.

USEPA has used drinking water policy such as its affordability criteria as a very effective technique for putting cities and states “in their place”….that is, under the federal government’s thumb of control. Robert Perciaseppe, who orchestrated the drinking water program “redirection” of USEPA in the 1990’s, continues to position the agency as the final arbiter on everything drinking water, including how much it should cost (based on the elusive median household income). It has been 17 years since the SDWA amendments of 1996 were enacted, launching an unprecedented decade-long over-reach of government regulation of drinking water, as well as providing a launching pad for jamming through a much larger leftist progressive socialist (whatever you want to call it) agenda.

More to come on this history….

Public unions bankrupted San Bernardino, California

“How does a city of 200,000 people go bankrupt? In the case of San Bernardino, CA, the answer is unsustainable pension obligations pushed by union-backed politicians.”

Click here for full news article….

Harrisburg (PA) slush fund, financial woes the fruit of progressive/liberal policy?

An interesting expose of the financial dealings of the Harrisburg Authority…..click here….

Oceanside (CA) votes to raise water, sewer rates….

Water rates to rise ~6.5% and sewer rates up ~5%…….click here for more.

Cincinnati, Ohio water rates up 71% since 2003

Perhaps an average rate increase of just under 10% per year is not so bad…..click here for more…..