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ClimateGate Returns

Late last week Arizona Superior Court Justice James Marner granted the Energy & Environment Legal Institute’s (E&E Legal’s) motion requesting release of ‘Climategate’ related emails withheld for years by the University of Arizona (UofA).” click here

Now its Mr. John McCain’s Turn to do Some ‘Splainin’

What do Mr. McCain and Ms. Hillary Clinton have in common? The both have ‘splainin’ to do. (click here)

“Three years’ of IRS e-mail evidence continues to build against the federal government. The most interesting and possibly disturbing piece of information deals with the fact that Republican Senator McCain and Democrat Senator Carl Levin were both aware of the targeting eleven days before Lerner’s public admission of “inappropriate” actions.” click here

Myths About Arizona’s Religious Freedom Law

I will address the Arizona situation in a more detailed post following the Governor’s decision. In the mean time, here is a good summary of the myths surrounding this law. The bill is a must-sign legislation to bring some balance back from homosexual tyranny. It should be signed…..and a similar law enacted in every state. Whether it will be signed….time will tell.

“This week, controversy has broken out over Arizona’s law protecting the right of religious businessowners to reject service to particular customers. The law came hard on the heels of a series of outrageous court decisions finding that private businesses could be forced, in violation of their religion, to serve events such as same-sex weddings.” click here

Central Arizona Water Project canal ruptures….

CAP water flows into desert wash…..click here…..

$582,000 fluoride payout to continue in Phoenix (AZ)

A Phoenix subcommittee (secret committee) didn’t vote, but decided that the city would continue to add fluoride.  Click here….In a big city these are big dollars going to someone….

Large cities like Phoenix, Portland, Chicago, etc that are essentially under liberal mob rule will hold the line to add fluorde……If customers don’t want it and can’t vote it out, then bottled waters and some home treatment devices are the only option….

Will Phoenix (AZ) kill the sacred cow…..fluoride?

One woman has the courage to challenge the fluoride empire (CDC and others)in Phoenix (click here). The news article, of course, presents the typical spin. Given the information available today, the article is a misrepresentation.  But it presents the typical government line.

Addition of fluoride will become an endangered specie, but it will take time as many dentists, others in the public health field, and public officials have not taken the time to educate themselves, and simply accept what they have been told.

Fluoride was initiated in the US as part of New Deal programs to expand government…its supporters promote the “government should take care of you and dictate what is done” mentality.

Arizona tribal water rights bill all but “dead”

In my prior post on this bill (click here), I wondered why a tribe would give up all future water rights for this bill to pass. That did not seem plausible to me, and I guess the tribe also realized that it was not a good deal for them…. 

“A bill that would have allocated $350 million for three drinking-water projects on the Hopi and Navajo reservations is nearly dead, according to sources on both sides of the proposal.”

Click here for the news article….