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Gov. Jerry Brown agrees with President Trump on California logging practices

“Months ago, California Gov. Jerry Brown urged state lawmakers to loosen restrictive logging regulations put in place to appease environmentalists — a move that appears to have confirmed that President Trump’s recent critiques of state logging practices was correct.” click here

Deep State “Voice of America” California climate story a creative fabrication, nonsense

“Mr. O’Sullivan cited a pamphlet that wasn’t a report, wasn’t from the State of California and documented no relationship between climate change and fires.  He then goes on to babble…” click here

Decarbonization is unproductive, undermines community sustainability

“Batten down the hatches! A tsunami of global warming and “clean energy” propaganda is approaching! San Francisco is hosting the September 12-14 Global Climate Action Summit, a massive event at which “international and local leaders from states, regions, cities, businesses, investors and civil society … will be joined by national government leaders, scientists, students, nonprofits and others … [to share] what they have achieved to date and commit to doing more to usher in the era of decarbonization.” ” click here

California climate policies increase dependence on foreign oil

“In fact, more than 56 percent of the crude oil received by California refineries were extracted in foreign countries, according to California Energy Commission data. California, once the third-largest oil state, is now more reliant than ever on foreign oil.” click here

July not Californias hottest month evah….

“Average maximum temperatures in California this July weren’t in the top ten, and were four degrees cooler than 1931.” click here

#StandWithTheBible, #harvestsocal

Christianophobia in California – billboards removed?
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Parked RVs and solar panels drive up surface temperatures?

“It turns out parked RVs and solar panels may have artificially driven up temperature readings at nearby, poorly cited thermometers used by government officials at Death Valley National Park in California, according to meteorologist and science blogger Anthony Watts.” click here