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Carbon capture has nothing to do with trees; not a trillion trees, not even 1 tree

“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy recently unveiled a series of bills aimed at spending taxpayer money on carbon capture and storage research, subsidizing ongoing capture and storage, and promoting the so-called Trillion Trees Initiative.” click here



Meet Dr. Bagshaw, discoverer of carbon capture technology research

Carbon capture technology is very interesting but not very practical. 

“An article in the January 2020 Issue of Physics Today (1) presents an interesting and very readable overview of methods to capture and store away CO2 emissions. The purpose of this guest blog is to summarize a few key points the paper makes, and add some commentary.”  click here



Carbon capture technology to eliminate CO2 emissions is unsustainable.

“The Environmental Protection Agency is set to announce Thursday it is weakening an Obama-era rule that had required costly technology capturing carbon dioxide emissions on new coal plants, according to multiple people familiar with the news.” click here