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Addressing changes in climate has no parallels with fighting a war

According to University of Austin Research Associate¬†Todd Davidson, preparing for war on climate change means we should disregard scientific uncertainty.” click here

The push for more money to fight climate has nothing to do with science. It has everything to do with politics. I’m reminded of a famous saying from Winston Churchill which goes something like this :

“Politics is more dangerous than war. In war you only die once. But in politics you can die many times.”

This is especially true when it comes to climate. The primary reason to not ignore scientific uncertainty is that no scientist alive can show with any level of confidence that the proposed solutions to the wild exaggerated claims being made about climate change impacts will not actually do more harm to the environment and human health than good.

Anyone can make a wild claim. But making a responsible decision requires a higher standard of care.


A frivolous lawsuit on climate change launched in Boulder, Colorado

Climates change with or without oil companies.

“Three Colorado communities filed a lawsuit against oil companies on Tuesday, launching the latest legal battle seeking damages for what they claim are the costs of adapting to climate change.” click here

Colder temperatures are more hazardous than warmer

“A recent study published in an esteemed academic journal indicates that volcanic eruptions in the mid 500s resulted in an unusually gloomy and cold period. A joint research project of the Chronology Laboratory of the Finnish Museum of Natural History and Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) suggests that the years 536 and 541-544 CE were very difficult for many people.” click here

Arctic Sea Ice the same thickness as 60 years ago

Source: Tony Heller

A singular focus on trying to limit “global warming” ignores critical factors essential for community sustainability; Such a narrow focus is simply self-defeating.

“While Transactions is a leading scientific journal, these special issue articles are anything but scientific. There are no experiments or tests, or even carefully constructed real world observations. It is all just speculation and computer modeling. This is what alarmist so-called science looks like. It is all about the UN Paris Agreement, not science.” click here

Global atmospheric carbon dioxide trails ocean temperature changes

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