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Global warming slow down statistically significant

A transparent analysis for everyone to consider.

“The standard statistical test that I will be using to compare the warming rate to the average warming rate, will be the t-test. The warming rate for every possible 10 year interval, in the range from 1970 to 2017, will be compared to the average warming rate. The results of the statistical test will be used to determine whether each trend is a slowdown, a speedup, or a midway (statistically the same as the average warming rate). The results will be presented graphically, to make them crystal clear. All of the calculations for this article can be found at the end of the article.” click here


Cloud cover has cooling effect on climate models

“Princeton University researchers have found that the climate models scientists use to project future conditions on our planet underestimate the cooling effect that clouds have on a daily — and even hourly — basis, particularly over land.” click here

“Hottest day on earth”? Not really….

“California was 57C in 1913, 10C warmer than yesterday’s claimed record. Bourke, NSW was 48C on this date in 1896.” click here

Extreme cold is just “weather” but heat waves are “climate change”

Climates change….

“Saying that a hot spell “may contain climate change DNA” is not the same as saying “cold spells are weather”. If a hot spell could contain DNA, (we molecular biologists don’t think so) then so can a cold one. If hot DNA can spell “manmade global warming”, then cold DNA can spell “the models are wrong”. ” click here

Google, Twitter, Facebook climate censorship is real

“Censorship can be performed only by a government.  But, the Obama administration has granted status akin to a government branch to GFTM+RW (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Reddit, and Wikimedia Foundation) and a few other corporations. The means for that included subjecting citizen internet access to Title II restrictions (Obamanet), so that their actions to suppress scientific and political speech result in censorship.  As mentioned in the Reply to The New York Times I experimented with distributing the climate realism message using advertising options on GFTM+R. The short report on this follows.” click here

California fires not related to “climate change”

“But the scientific facts and historical record reveal such “wrath of God” claims to be baseless. The notion that alleged man-made climate change is causing California’s fires is not supported by recent peer-reviewed scientific studies or historical data. Even the LA Times has previously rebuked Gov. Jerry Brown for making such scientifically baseless claims about wildfires. But the hard scientific data revealing no connection to ‘global warming’ will not prevent the media and climate activists from their usual claims trying to link wildfires to ‘climate change.’” “ click here

The “global warming” slow-down is reality

“This article will use the GISTEMP global temperature series, to investigate whether the slowdown is real. I know that some people will throw up their hands in horror, at the thought of using the GISTEMP temperature series. I have deliberately used GISTEMP, because it has a reputation as a heavily adjusted, warmist friendly, temperature series. If I can show strong evidence for a recent slowdown in GISTEMP, then the recent slowdown can not be denied.” click here