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Washington State abuses public-private partnerships for climate activism.

“If this is common practice, Washingtonians deserve more details about which outside groups fund Mr. Inslee’s policy team. Substitute the Koch brothers for the World Resources Institute, and the outrage would be predictable. This setup creates real concerns about accountability and interest-peddling. Mr. Schuler knows who pays him, and it’s not Washington taxpayers.” click here

Expect Rational Climate Policies of EPA to be Opposed by Environmental Groups

Lawsuits against EPA were common in 1990s when I was working in government affairs. It is not surprising at all that such lawsuits will be filed. They are the primary method environmental groups use to raise funds for their organization. Yet they don’t really accomplish anything to help solve real-world problems in a sustainable way.

“Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) President Rhea Suh circulated a note to supporters Saturday, asking for more money as her organization readies for the upcoming court battles.” click here

Did Lancet publish fake health arguments?

Just wondering….

Mikko Paunio Sacrificing the Poor: The Lancet on pollution Global Warming Policy Foundation, 2018.

“Executive summary

The Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals, recently published two long commissioned reports, timed to coincide with 23rd Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the third UN Environment Assembly. The journal’s aim was to boost climate change mitigation and enhance a ‘Pollution free World’ initiative in the name of public health. This paper gives examples of the biased, misleading and false health-based arguments that are made in these reports. The main conclusions of the Lancet reports – widely disseminated by the mass media – were as follows: • that a huge global mortality burden is attributable to industrial pollution • that a key to gaining health co-benefits of climate change mitigation is to introduce a moratorium on construction of coal-fired power plants. Both conclusions are false. To arrive at them, the authors of both reports have hidden the benefits of the comprehensive institutional environmental health protection action – based on hygiene principles – that helped to eradicate malnutrition from today’s richer nations in the period after the Second World War. The authors of both reports have also, by not quoting (or by misquoting) a game-changing article published inNature, advanced the false argument that industrial development is to blame for much disease and mortality around the world, and in particular in the developing world. The Lancet report declared that 9 million deaths each year are attributable to ‘pollution’. However, almost all these deaths are a function of underdevelopment. Pervasive fecal pollution, including animal manure, is the root cause of mass malnutrition among 800 million people, causing repeated bouts of diarrhea that often leave children permanently malnourished or stunted. Malnutrition then makes people especially vulnerable to the detrimental effects of indoor and outdoor air pollution from the domestic burning of wood, other forms of biomass, and coal for heating and cooking. The Lancet pollution report mentions the link, but shamefully fails to deal with the implications. Neither of the Lancet reports is of much help in putting the vitally important but totally neglected subject of institutional environmental health action on the sustainable development agenda. Although the authors of the pollution report have sought to take the moral high ground by quoting the Pope’s Laudato Si encyclical on the environment, both of the reports are immoral, and gross distortions of public health science and the historical achievements of health protection.” click here

Scientists Recycle 1970 Hysteria

Mr. Jerry Brown Wants to Brain Wash the World? How About Some Common Sense.

“Lame duck California Governor Jerry Brown jetted off in CO2-spewing jet planes for 14 days of galas across the European Continent and a stop in New York City to showcase his climate change credentials.” click here

“California Governor Jerry Brown told religious leaders gathered at the Vatican Saturday that the world needed a “total … brain washing” to convince leaders of the seriousness of the threat of climate change.” click here

Paris Agreement was all about “Green Wash”, not Reality

President Trump did the right thing to exit the Paris agreement. It was simply an exercise in “green wash”. 

“In my opinion this report hi-lights rampant gross international hypocrisy when it comes to climate action. Despite big shows of global unity and lots of green rhetoric aimed against President Trump over his Paris decision, the reality is nobody is making a serious effort to reduce CO2 emissions.” click here

“…climate alarmists on a scaremongering crusade…”

“As a citizen of a third-world country, I bring a different perspective about climate change from that held by most people in wealthy countries. While they fret about possible tenth-of-a-degree changes in global average temperature, I think about how a billion of my fellow Indians and I will obtain the food, water, health care, and other things we need that our richer neighbors take for granted.” click here for WUWT