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Frequency of hot days has declined in the US

“So there is no excuse for for them cherry-picking a start date of 1960 for US stations, failing to point out that the frequency of hot days has declined sharply in the US as CO2 has increased, and not mentioning that their projections of increasing hot days has no scientific basis.” click here

Internal climate variability dominates precipitation trends

Udit Bhatia & Auroop Ratan Ganguly. Precipitation extremes and depth-duration-frequency under internal climate variability, Scientific Report, volume 9, 9112, 2019.

Natural climate variability, captured through multiple initial condition ensembles, may be comparable to the variability caused by knowledge gaps in future emissions trajectories and in the physical science basis, especially at adaptation-relevant scales and projection horizons. The relations to chaos theory, including sensitivity to initial conditions, have caused the resulting variability in projections to be viewed as the irreducible uncertainty component of climate. The multiplier effect of ensembles from emissions-trajectories, multiple-models and initial-conditions contribute to the challenge. We show that ignoring this variability results in underestimation of precipitation extremes return periods leading to maladaptation. However, we show that concatenating initial-condition ensembles results in reduction of hydroclimate uncertainty. We show how this reduced uncertainty in precipitation extremes percolates to adaptation-relevant-Depth-Duration Frequency curves. Hence, generation of additional initial condition ensembles therefore no longer needs to be viewed as an uncertainty explosion problem but as a solution that can lead to uncertainty reduction in assessment of extremes.

Consult reliable, qualified experts who understand historical climate data when making claims about climate

Arbitrary data changes invalidates HCN daily temperature analysis

“Previously their tampering was limited to monthly temperature data. And the moment has arrived.¬† They have started adding TOBS (Time of Observation Bias) lines to the HCN daily temperature files.” click here

Urban surface temperature increases due to urban heat island effect

Forbes censored valid climate science

“A few days ago I was interviewed by Doron Levin, for an article to appear online on forbes.com. After having seen a draft (to make sure that I am quoted correctly), I told him good luck with getting it published, as I doubted it will.” click here

Extreme weather is not caused by carbon dioxide