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Endangered Species Act (ESA) reform essential for protecting

“By any reasonable measure, the ESA has been an abject failure. Of the 1,661 species listed as threatened or endangered since 1973, only 3% have been recovered. Endless litigation has tied up resources that could have gone toward species recovery.” click here

Climate activists threaten endangered species with extinction

” Last Saturday, police in New York arrested 70 people protesting the lack of attention to climate change. They unfurled a banner that read, “climate change = mass murder” with the word “change” crossed out and replaced by the word “emergency.” ” click here

Most Earth species are still unknown…..so much for declining biodiversity

As reported here, most of the species on the earth have still not been identified and/or are unknown. If this is indeed the case, then how can anyone make claims of declining biodiversity?

Dunes Sagebrush Lizard decision delayed, science in question

In response to this letter, the Department of the Interior has delayed a decision on the listing of the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard for 6 months.

San Bernadino, California wastewater recycle plan gets suckered

The Santa Ana sucker fish depends on the city’s wastewater discharge….and it is listed as an endangered specie….to divert and reuse the wastewater would remove its habitat….two more years of study are needed…….but I suspect no amount of study will satisfy the environmental activist opposition…. Click here for the full article.

Source: Press-Enterprise