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World’s First Planned Zero-Carbon City is Not

“Now the world’s first planned sustainable city – the marquee project of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) plan to diversify the economy from fossil fuels – could well be the world’s first green ghost town.

As of this year – when Masdar was originally scheduled for completion – managers have given up on the original goal of building the world’s first planned zero-carbon city.” click here for full article

Australia is well on its way to energy poverty

“A combination of green inspired state moratoria on gas exploration, coupled with growing gas export capacity, and politically motivated closures of coal plants, has created a looming shortfall in Australian energy supply.”  click here

Quality of life directly related to energy consumption


source: The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

US Energy Consumption Remains Flat, but the Fuel Mix is Changing


Source: EIA 2017 Annual Energy Outlook

Indonesia Coal Consumption Increases

“The BP Statistical Review 2016 revealed on Wednesday that Indonesia’s coal consumption had doubled since 2010. Last year, coal became the country’s dominant source of fuel, accounting for 41 percent of total energy consumption.

Studies show coal consumption remains popular in Indonesia despite its damaging environmental impacts. The government has committed to an ambitious 35,000 megawatt electricity program, in which coal-fueled power plants will still make up the majority of electricity generation, at around 50 percent.” click here

China to Increase Coal-Power Generation

“China has unveiled a crash plan to increase coal capacity and usage by 20% over the next 3 years.” click here

Fraudulent Biofuel Credits Costly to Government, Consumers, Investors

“There may be $1 billion worth of fraudulent biofuel credits circulating in the U.S., according to a former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) criminal investigator.” click here