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Hurricanes happen – A tutorial

“With hurricane season upon us, it is predictable that almost all storms which threaten the U.S. will be attributed to global warming. The next two hurricane seasons, given the political climate, will likely  mean some cat 5 bloviating no matter what the case. As I like to do, I have decided to explain why something may happen, beforehand, and why it’s perfectly natural.” click here

The global “climate emergency” proclaimed by news media today is an illusion. Here is what a real global climate crisis looks like…1936…(having nothing to do with carbon dioxide)

California heat lower than past extreme levels

“On June 17, 1859, Santa Barbara, California was so hot that no humans could be outside, and there was widespread destruction of animals and plants.  Fruit burned on one side and fell to the ground.” click here

Washington Post spreads misinformation on heat waves

Evaluate climate changes today in light of climate changes of the past

Save the people of the planet from the people who think they will save the planet

“Rossiter to Congress: “Extreme weather events such as cyclones, floods, droughts and tornadoes are not increasing in incidence or lives lost. Indeed, the global mortality from all weather-related natural disasters declined by 99 percent while the population trebled after 1920, thanks to improved economies and technologies. Food production and calorie consumption per capita continue to increase, thanks to the green revolution, increased CO2 fertilization and longer growing seasons. Fossil fuels contribute enormously to the production, safe storage and transport of food and thus to human nutrition.”click here (from WUWT)

Weather forecasting has a predictability limit

“Unpredictability in how weather develops means that even with perfect models and understanding of initial conditions, there is a limit to how far in advance accurate forecasts are possible, scientists said.” click here