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Does low atmospheric carbon dioxide cause drought and extreme weather?

“From 1900 to 1970, the Northeast US was in drought most of the time, and was plagued with large forest fires. But since 1970, the Northeast has been wet and has had very little drought.” click here

Heatwaves of 1911

“If climate science was an actual science, academics would want to understand the heat of 1911 – rather than try to make it disappear.” click here

Fires declining globally because of economic growth

“And against the picture painted by celebrities and the mainstream media that fires around the world are caused by economic growth, the truth is the opposite: the amount of land being burned is declining thanks to development, including urbanization.” click here

Hiding the heat in Australia

“Bourke, NSW has had 768 days over 110F (43C) since 1872. More than half of those days occurred before 1910, so BOM makes them magically disappear.” click here

Miami, Florida destroyed by a hurricane…in 1926

“Ninety-three years ago, Miami was destroyed by a hurricane, in America’s most costly natural disaster.” click here

1913 – The greatest cataclysm in American history

“I knew that 1913 was bad, but I had no idea how bad it was before this evening. Record heat, floods and tornadoes wreaked devastation across the US. It would require an entire book to document it. So I am going to list a few things in no particular order. This web page has an excellent compilation.” click here

Amazon fires normal agriculture, not climate change

“The driest years in Brazil will have the most fires set by farmers,” the professor at the University of Alabama at Huntsville said in an email. “That isn’t a climate story, it’s normal agriculture in a country where 50 million people living in poverty are trying to survive.” click here