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The Roots of Global Warming Religion


Satellite-Based Temperatures of the Global Lower Atmosphere

Global Warming Has Positive Benefits

Darwinian evolution has nothing to do with global warming or human survival. Nonetheless there are positive benefits to global warming.

“Nothing upsets greens like pointing out the obvious. Humans evolved in the tropics. Outside the extreme tropics where we evolved, we have to wear clothes to stay warm, otherwise we die of exposure. Green suggestions that a few degrees warming would be a crisis are absurd.” click here

New York State Temperature Data Tampering

“Whatever the reason for the adjustments, the climate record for New York State has been changed out of all recognition, and bears no resemblance to the actual official data.” click here

BBC claim of 2017 as hottest year ignores the facts

“One naturally has every right to be suspicious when supposedly honest and impartial “scientists” turn into activists for political change. It is not up to them to decide which courses of action it is right for societies to take.

But to the facts!

To start with, the claim that 2017 was not an El Nino year is simply not true.” click here

Global warming slow down statistically significant

A transparent analysis for everyone to consider.

“The standard statistical test that I will be using to compare the warming rate to the average warming rate, will be the t-test. The warming rate for every possible 10 year interval, in the range from 1970 to 2017, will be compared to the average warming rate. The results of the statistical test will be used to determine whether each trend is a slowdown, a speedup, or a midway (statistically the same as the average warming rate). The results will be presented graphically, to make them crystal clear. All of the calculations for this article can be found at the end of the article.” click here


UAH Satellite-Based Global Lower Atmosphere Temperatures

Source: Dr Roy Spencer