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Willful blindness in the press on record cold temperatures

Cooling the past increases “global warming”

How to lie with (temperature) statistics

Cold temperatures are much more deadly than warming

“Since the 1980s, deaths attributable to excessive heat have declined, whereas deaths attributable to cold weather have not.” click here

The science is settled: the Medieval Warming Period was indeed global

“Indeed the claim that it was global is now backed up by a huge body of scientific studies meticulously compiled by Dr. Sebastian Lüning of Die kalte Sonne and presented at Google Maps here.” click here

Local surface temperatures vary cyclically within a wide band of temperature variability

The video below illustrates what I have been arguing for several years now. Local surface temperatures vary cyclically within a wide variability band. For all practical purposes, local effects of so called “global warming” are essentially irrelevant to local surface temperatures given the wide range of temperature changes each day. Though I’ve never met him, kudos to Mr. Tony Heller for putting this video together. 

A long history of global temperature corruption

“The current NASA graph looks nothing like the prior graphs, and has completely erased the post-1940 cooling.” click here