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Unjustified adjustments to past temperature measurements create global warming by cooling the past

Arctic temperatures are cyclical, steady

“Despite endless hysterics based on cherry-picking a few warm days somewhere in the Arctic, there is nothing happening there.  The MASIE record extends back to 2006, and every day in their record is shown in the graph below. The graph shows annual cycles with no trend.” click here

Germany record-setting high temperature measurement is biased too high

“During last week’s record-setting European heat wave, Germany’s previous record of 40.3C was impressively shattered by the measurement station located at the northwest city of Lingen, near the Dutch border, some 50 kilometers from where I live. The German DWD weather service and media loved it! Yet, controversy now swirls about the new record setting measurement since it has come to light that the measurement is fraught with some considerable siting issues.” click here

“Climate scientists” rewrite the past to erase failed predictions

In the November 1976 issue of National Geographic, they showed a Little Ice Age followed by a sharp warming spike to 1940, and then cooling back to 1880 levels.
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The medieval warming period is settled science

“Claims that modern temperatures are globally warmer than they were during Medieval times (~800 to 1250 A.D.) have been contradicted by a flurry of new (2019) scientific papers.” click here

Reliable surface temperature data sets are an endangered species

Arbitrary changes to measured surface temperature values to fit a model renders a data set unreliable and for all practical purposes useless. Perhaps I am mistaken, but  only one reliable data set remains…


Source: Dr Roy Spencer

Heat has declined in the mid-west since the 1930s