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Wind turbines are a major environmental problem

“Thousands of aging wind turbines will eventually need to be decommissioned, but the disposal of this “green” technology could prove to be a dirty job for environmental regulators.” click here

Solar Panels Create More Toxic Waste than Nuclear Power Plants

Decide for yourself:

“Last November, Japan’s Environment Ministry issued a stark warning: the amount of solar panel waste Japan produces every year will rise from 10,000 to 800,000 tons by 2040, and the nation has no plan for safely disposing of it.”

“Neither does California, a world leader in deploying solar panels. Only Europe requires solar panel makers to collect and dispose of solar waste at the end of their lives.” click here for full post at WUWT

Texas hazardous waste injection well to become national political issue?

A permit issued for a hazardous waste injection well…..despite objections raised…..links to the Governor claimed….is drinking water contamination a legitimate concern, or is drinking water again being used as a political club to smash a presidential candidate?    I guess time will tell……click here for more.