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St. Joseph (MO) to keep fluoride….

Dentists and corporatists like fluoride. It offers them the opportunity to feel good about trying to help people, while making money at the same time. Whether there is any incremental benefit for any particular individual from having it added to drinking water is a different question, however. Also, we know for sure that some individuals will receive too much and have an adverse effect. That is why fluoride will not go away as an issue….

Click here for the latest in St. Joseph….

Bolivar, Missouri votes to end fluoridation

Another close vote….the news article only focuses on the perceived benefits of caries reduction while not mentioning the affect of mottled teeth in a portion of the population…..click here….

Private well contamination in St. Joseph County (MO)

Ground water contamination in rural areas can result in high concentrations of nitrate and other contaminants in private wells. Consider this example in St. Joseph County….click here. Installation of a sanitary sewer system and treatment plant can alleviate such a situation.