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Sea Level Data Tampering

“There is nothing in the sea level record which indicates humans have any influence, but lots of indication that the Sun controls it. However, there is one area of human influence – data tampering by government agencies.” click here

New Jersey Drinking Water and Infant Health Study Uninformative

Studies such as this have previously been done in a number of states, some more than 20 years in the past. It seems a whole new generation of epidemiologists still believe that such studies are informative. They all suffer from the same set of insurmountable limitations that make any conclusions speculative. A different research focus would be of more benefit than rediscovering the past.

Janet Currie, Joshua Graff Zivin, Katherine Meckel, Matthew Neidell and Wolfram Schlenker. Something in the water: contaminated drinking water and infant health. The Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue canadienne d’Economique. Vol. 46, No. 3 (August / août 2013)  791-810.

This paper provides estimates of the effects of in utero exposure to contaminated drinking water on fetal health. To do this, we examine the universe of birth records and drinking water testing results for the state of New Jersey from 1997 to 2007. Our data enable us to compare outcomes across siblings who were potentially exposed to differing levels of harmful contaminants from drinking water while in utero. We find small effects of drinking water contamination on all children, but large and statistically significant effects on birth weight and gestation of infants born to less educated mothers. We also show that those mothers who were most affected by contamination were the least likely to move between births in response to contamination.

Ce mémoire développe des estimations des effets d’une exposition in utero à de l’eau potable contaminée sur la santé du foetus. Pour ce faire, on examine l’ensemble des registres de naissance et des résultats de tests de l’eau potable dans l’état du New Jersey entre 1997 et 2007. Ces données permettent de comparer les résultats entre frères et soeurs qui ont potentiellement été exposés à des niveaux différents de contamination de l’eau potable quand ils étaient in utero. On détecte de petits effets de la contamination de l’eau sur tous les enfants, mais des effets importants et statistiquement significatifs sur le poids à la naissance et sur la gestation des nourrissons portés par des mères moins instruites. On montre aussi que ces mères qui sont les plus affectées par la contamination de l’eau sont celles qui sont le moins susceptibles de déménager entre les naissances en raison de la contamination.

Chris Christy, not hurt by “bridgegate” ?

Every politician has his or her style. Even Mr. Chris Christy, who insists that “bridge gate” will not hurt him politically. Well perhaps so. But he is in New Jersey. (Too many rats in a box…as a friend once said to me.) He has what it takes to be a politician in New Jersey. See any resemblance below? (I’m not angry or mad at him or even dislike him. He’s probably a very nice person.) But his political style (and liberal views)….no thank you.

Mandrill WallpaperChristie2
Just saying what I see…

Gov. Chris Christy….a man for all liberals

Keeping the poor dependent upon government seems to be what liberalism and the democrat party are all about. Gov. Christy is doing his part for the liberal (establishment GOP?) cause in New Jersey. (click here)

happy bouncing smilie

New Jersey Mean Surface Temperature, 1743-2011

Using the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) data here, the following plot was created. It represents regional climate change for the State of New Jersey. The plot shows the mean monthly surface temperature, the mean daily maximum surface temperature, and the mean daily minimum surface temperture. Compare the plot below with that proivided here based on the same underlying data.

New Jersey Governor Chris Cristy has talked up “climate change” as posing a big threat to the state. Corporate groups like the American Water Works Service company have also gone along with the global warming crowd. But does the science support this? More work needs to be done examining the BEST data, but this first cut suggests not much is going on to be alarmed about. The historical record suggests a very broad yet defined band of highly variable temperatures.

48-inch water main break in New Jersey

Scotch Plains, New Jersey……click here for more…

Source: myfoxny.com

New Jersey American Water Company responds to water quality complaints

“WARREN TWP. — Residents and Township Committee members voiced concerns about the area’s hard water—an ongoing issue—to representatives of the New Jersey American Water Company during an open forum on Thursday, July 19, but some may have left with more questions than answers.”

“Deputy Mayor Victor Sordillo, who sponsored the meeting along with Mayor Carolann Garafola, said most residents inquired about the water’s odor, its ability to wash dishes, and its potential to cause skin rashes from showering or bathing.”

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