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United Water (NJ) criticized for water losses….

“Last year alone, United Water could not account for 26 percent of the water it treated and pumped. That amounts to 10.6 billion gallons, enough to fill the Oradell Reservoir three times over.” Click here for more….

New Jersey American Water Company delivers green tap water….

Toms River (NJ) has a new additive in their tap water?….a press release from New Jersey American will be forthcoming…..maybe, or not….

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“Poison” drinking water an issue in todays council election, Keansburg, New Jersey

A desalination plant recently installed in Keansburg, New Jersey is causing arsenic contamination? Click here for the council election fallout…..

Click here for the violation notice from New Jersey DEP…..

Healthy teeth are possible without fluoridation of drinking water

Here is an interesting article on Hightstown, New Jersey……which stopped water fluoridation 18 months ago….but customers are just now finding out about it.

Click here…..Contrary to the claim in the article, addition of fluoride to drinking water is not a “fluoride treatment” like you would get at the dentist.  In fact, it is not necessary at all to add fluoride to drinking water in order for children to have healthy teeth if they take care of themselves.

Keansburg, New Jersey starts up $3 Million desalination plant

This reverse osmosis desalination treatment plant was partially paid for by a $1.3 Million grant under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act…..this certainly benefits the customers, but as such it is unsustainable financially…..

A pork-barrel project if you will…..paid for by US taxpayers…..

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Press Spin: New Jersey waters worse than ever (and it’s Christie’s fault)

A three-part series of articles reviews the poor condition of New Jersey’s waters….over a 40 year period since the Clean Water Act (CWA)…..Of course, the blame will be given to the current GOP Governor….rather than the Democrat state officials of the past where the blame rightly belongs…..

Click here for the first article….

Will New Jersey reform “Jackson’s rules”….and allow sanitary sewers?

Perhaps pit privey’s are the environmentalists answer in New Jersey where sanitary sewers are prohibited (click here)…….while at a migrant camp in Mexico last year, I observed a line of 50 pit priveys serving as their wastewater system. A double (100) or triple (150) line would be needed in New Jersey.

If Corzine ran the New Jersey government like he did MF Global, then perhaps it is not surprising that “Jackson’s rules” are unworkable.